Independent Submissive Escort. Kink/BDSM experience with an unrivalled twist.  A Nordic goddess with a submissive side. 

London-Based Submissive Paramour With a Weakness For Kinky Naughtiness

Are you yearning to take on the Dominant role, but lacking a submissive partner?

Allow me to be your submissive kink companion; your gateway to BDSM delights in London; your adventurous and spirited playmate ready to engage in the D/s dynamic that stirs your desires.

Professional Submissive Escort for Masters & Mistresses

Ever since I can remember, I have yearned to kneel respectfully and give myself entirely to a trusted dominant lover.

This devotion led me to train with London’s most experienced Masters, fulfilling their desires during our sensual, playful, and always pleasurable sessions.

I combine my passion for passionate ‘GFE’ escorting with professional submissiveness, after all, I am an impassioned romantic at heart.

I see the role of being submissive as a wonderful fusion of sensory and psychological satisfaction. My body buzzes with pleasure from touches that depart from ordinary feelings. The bite of a bare-handed spank, the restraint of leather cuffs on my limbs, and the sensation of rope on my skin- I hold them dear. It’s a delightful mental rush to realise I am your beloved plaything, gorgeous possession, or pet to manipulate and direct. Your adoration and affection for rewards spur me on to conquer every challenge you lay out for me.

As an aerialist (silks and hoop) I am strong and flexible;)

About me:

Age – 36
Height – 5ft7
Nationality – Northern European
Languages – English
Dress size – 6/8
Hair Colour – Blond
Eye Colour – Blue

The Devil is in the Details…

I’m obsessed with pleasure in all its forms—there’s no reason to hold back from any level of gratification that I can handle.

While full erotic contact is a possibility in our session, it is not obligatory or assured. Understanding that some dominants appreciate a sense of inaccessibility for added excitement, I, as a switch, am responsive to different desires. As a GFE escort, I am attentive to the diverse range of pleasure experiences and the tender intimacy that can be present in D/s relationships.

Unfazed by pressure, adventurous, and inquisitive. I am warm-hearted, kind and non-judgmental, whip-smart and witty. I am a confident and strong woman and not at all that submissive in social life, but doesn’t that increase the power when I give you the freedom to place a collar around my neck…

So much of my day-to-day job takes place in the mind, and this world outside work has freed me, and allowed me to indulge my more sensual and submissive side.

If you think you can coax me away from my hectic schedule, please do get in touch to arrange our next rendezvous.



























What Do I Love?

 Submissive Roles I Enjoy

  • Bratty Submissive
  • Obedient Pleasure Toy
  • Spoilt Daddy’s Girl
  • Eager Slut

What do I enjoy:

  • Bondage
  • Spanking
  • Impact Play (no breaking of skin)
  • Rope Play
  • Gags
  • Blindfolds
  • Protocol
  • Orgasm Control
  • Service 


Why, you and me, of course!  Or maybe your own sub or one of my delightful friends? 

Perhaps you’re a gentleman looking to indulge his not-so-gentle side or an executive with an itch to scratch.Whoever you may be, let me cater to you. 

I prize generosity, kindness and impeccable manners.


Nothing pleases me more than good advance planning. As a modern-day Renaissance woman, my life is too busy for dropped plans or meetings at short notice.

Much like you, I can afford to be selective with my time, and I’m far more likely to be able to fit you in if you give me a little notice. That said, spontaneity sometimes pays off, and I may be able to cater to a last-minute request if you ask very nicely.


A practiced hotel ninja, I am happy to come to your hotel and bring a bag with toys and kink implements. I’m eminently discreet and completely at ease in the world’s finest locations.

I can organise a suitable dungeon too if you so desire.

Although I’m London-based, my schedule means I’m no longer able to meet at my place, although I can organise a hotel.  Or, book us a room somewhere gorgeous and let me come to you. 

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