Setting a Date

So let’s set a date…

Precision and concision is sexy:). Please provide relevant screening information in the form below. You can screen via LinkedIn profile or two references from established companions you have seen in the last 6 months. For any concerns or inquiries, please contact me directly by email

Privacy: I value my privacy as much as you do. I treat your information with the utmost respect, keeping it in strict confidence and deleting it after our first meeting. I am happy to sign confidentiality agreements or NDAs.  

So shall we make a plan? My screening form includes all the necessary details to plan a date, but if you need to email directly for any reason, please email

Please include the information below in your email.


Location - Your Place or mine ?

Your screening options - Please check which of the below options you can provide to confirm your legitimacy. As many as you can provide is highly desirable and absolutely confidential!